La Viruta Tango de Solanas is a milonga and social dance school in Buenos Aires, Argentina. Worldwide famous, La Viruta is located in the heart of the trendy neighborhood of Palermo. Pioneer from 90´s, is the most visited milonga as well as a recognized dance school.

Its director, Luis Solanas, founder and creator of La Viruta, has been teaching new generations to dance for decades. Solanas has a distinctive approach to improvisation in tango dance, and has established a creative teaching system that integrates new dancers into the tango environment.

We teach all levels of Argentine Tango, Milonga and Vals, as well as Argentinean Folk dances, Rock and Roll, Salsa and Bachata.

We offer an integral service of classes, dance and shows. Every Saturday the most traditional orchestras and new tango groups play live during the milonga. There are also Tango dance exhibitions of the most diverse styles and amateur tango tournaments that summon dancers from all neighborhoods.

We are open on Monday, Tuesday and Saturday at Armenia 1366, Palermo.

Our kitchen

Our meals are homemade: pizzas, Argentine meats, empanadas and salads stand out in a very varied menu.

We also have bar and cafeteria service. Cold beer, selected wines and international drinks at promotional prices.

On Saturdays, at the close of the milonga, you can enjoy the famous coffee with medialunas.

The restaurant works inside the ballroom. It is recommended to reserve a table in advance through our contact form or 5263.0964 / 1557133152.

For groups of more than 10 people consult our special menus.

Our classes

With years of experience in the transmission of social dances, we have generated a methodology of our own classes.

The classes are in groups and for all levels simultaneously. According to the level of knowledge and dance experience of the students, they are divided into beginners, intermediate and advanced. Each group is guided by a couple of bilingual teachers. This modality allows students to organize their learning in a simple and effective way, and promotes continuity and progress in the dance.

The groups are very heterogeneous in terms of age, gender and nationality.

You do not have to register to participate, or come as a couple. Neither specific clothing nor special shoes are required.

With your entry you can access all the classes of the different rhythms and then stay enjoying the practices, the milonga and the shows.

For private classes or closed groups send us your messagge through the contact form.


During the classes you can buy the coupons that consist of four tickets in advance at a promotional price. They are for taking classes on Mondays, Tuesdays and Saturdays.

Don´t miss the REVENTÓN de CUPONERAS. Once a month, you can buy two coupons per person at incredible prices!

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On Monday and Tuesday, admission is $ 170. Includes all the activities of the day (classes and practice).

On Saturdays the entrance fee is $ 250. Includes all the activities of the day (classes and milonga + live show). From 02.30 hs the entrance is free.

Seminars, festivals or special activities that do not appear in the regular schedules have special values.

For private lessons, and shows for events consult 1557133152 or send us your message

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